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With Mother Earth all but lost, the Cybrid horde had turned its attention to the Red Planet. Mars was less prepared for a head to head with Prometheus' legions than Earth had been, but that was a situation the rebels were used to and, anyway, all of Earth's preparation had done her little good. Ostensibly led by Harabec Weathers, the rebels were actually a loose knit group of fighting cells, or squads, who fought for a common goal survival. Coordinated efforts were more the exception than the rule, which lent an unpredictability that seemed to frustrate and confuse the Cybrids.

Shortly after the beginning of the rebellion, the first of these squads to take on some semblance of organization was a group that later became known as the "Red Armageddon". The name hadn't really been chosen but had come into being as the mystique of the group had grown. Originally, "Red" had symbolized Mars itself, the home they were fighting for. As time went by and their numbers dwindled the word took on a new meaning for the surviving members, until most regarded it as a reminder to honor the blood of lost comrades and friends. "Armageddon" was the mythical name of a great and final conflict between the forces of good and evil. Its use among the squad had, at first, been as a code word. Members of the squad were necessarily dispersed and did their best to appear as ordinary citizens of the Mars colony. Receipt of this single word via Email was a signal for them to gather at designated marshal points for an impending action. As the fighting became more intense and, at times, desperate, Armageddon became a fitting description of their struggle for them, this was the last battle.

Join the few and the proud!

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