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In the Red Armageddon's system of hierarchy, a total of nine ranks exist. Every rank, even Lint, has an important duty. Here are the ranks, listed in ascending order.


Even among the raw recruits, few rebels would put up with being called "Private" but they DO have to put up with being called Lint. RA Lint can access RA training sessions. Their duties are to download and install the ICQ communications program, the Roger Wilco program and RA skins. They are to contact an RA ranked Sarge or higher to give them basic training. To hone their skills, Lints are not allowed to use seeking weapons, and they are cannot go on leave until they are promoted.

Grit [RA Grt]:

Grits have completed basic training and have shown that they've got the true makings of a rebel. Upon promotion to Grit, the pilot is given security clearance.

Duster [RA Dus]:

Dusters are experienced pilots. They often have at least one or two favourite vehicles, but are capable of handling whatever they encounter on the battlefield. Dusters have a basic understanding of teamwork and following orders.

Sarge [RA Sgt]:

These are veteran pilots. Sergeants are the highest ranking non-officers and can refuse further promotion if they do not want the added responsibilities. They should provide training and act as seconds in Crews.

Lieutenant [RA Lt]:

Commands a Crew. These pilots have shown qualities of leadership and good judgement. Also called Boss, a Lieutenant is a regular player who consistently get kill ratios of 1:1 or higher. Bosses are responsible for keeping lower ranking pilots in line. They can and must issue cease and desist orders to lower ranking pilots who cheat, play on the wrong side, break treaties, or exhibit poor sportmanship. Lieutenants are responsible for maintaining their Crew's battle preparedness.

Captain [RA Cpt]:

Commands a Company. Captains possess signs of command abilities and knowledge of strategy and tactics. They can officially recommend pilots for Awards in the public forum. They must have a fully functioning Roger Wilco setup (send and receive).

Major [RA Maj]:

Commands a Warband. Majors can approve the award recommendations from captains and can officially recommend pilots for promotions in the public forum.

Colonel [RA Col]:

Commands a Battalion. Colonels have proven command abilities and knowledge of strategy and tactics, both on and off the battlefield. They can officially promote pilots to ranks up to and including Major.

*General [RA *Gen]   to ****General [RA ****Gen]:

Commands a Division. Generals must have the vision to lead RA both on and off the battlefield. They must have the maturity to make hard decisions and discipline members when necessary. Generals are responsible for implementing squad policies, but they must listen to input of all members. They can officially promote pilots up to the rank below theirs.

General (of the Army) [RA *****Gen]:

The General of the Army is the final decision making authority and most senior member of the RA. With the same power as the Generals below, this is an individual post and represents the last stop in the command chain of the RA.

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