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[RA] RA Law & Glory

As respectable and honored members of the RA, all pilots must follow a basic manifesto which outlines proper behavior at official and unofficial functions. Failing to live by these rules will result in punishment. Pilots will be duly recognized for rigorously following these simple rules, and for exceptional achievements. These laurels are handed out independently of any promotion that may or may not be given, and regardless of the current rank of the pilot.

=[ RA Codes of Conduct ]=

Have fun playing, but don't ruin the game for others with poor conduct. Respect the rules and the spirit of the game - don't cheat. However, any and all weapons and tactics are considered fair. There is no "honour" in a war for survival. Always obey the chain of command.

The general rule to follow is "Play fair, fight dirty!" the "job" being to have fun, and to win! In team servers, try to join the same team as other RA's if possible, but not if it unbalances the teams. When you see a fellow RA the "official" greeting is "Battle on, RA!" a simple "hello" is ok too.

Know your chain of command if a higher ranking pilot gives you an order, You should carry it out to the best of your ability. When a lower Ranking pilot gives instructions, it is a *request* that may or may not be followed. We officers won't ask too much. We don't need to be called "sir". But when we give an order on the battlefield, there is no time for arguments.

Be courteous to ALL players. Taunting is certainly allowed! But try to keep it tongue in cheek, don't get offensive, avoid flame wars. Use common sense.

At no time will a Red Armageddon member use an alias. He is to remain in uniform at all times in game servers (unless explicitly commanded to do so by the CO or XO).

At no time shall a member of the Red Armageddon simultaneously belong to any other squad or group for a game the Red Armageddon has adopted.

At no time will communications intended for other RA members be transmitted over the public line. Keep tactical suggestions and calls for help on the private channel.

When given 5 days' notice, ALL members must report for duty, be it battle, training, briefings or meetings. If unable to attend, they must respond with a request for leave, which will of course be granted. Those who plan to be away for an extended period MUST notify their superior and be granted leave. Players on leave do NOT lose their rank. They can resume their rank and duties upon their return. Those not on leave, and not seen in the forums or servers over a period of 15 days, should be assumed to be MIA or AWOL and can be subject to demotion or expulsion, or not, at our discretion. Mars needs all of us to be active!

Official Engagements
I) Battles: Battles are defined as a planned engagement between 2 or more teams typically consisting of 3 rounds or more. The final authority on what tactics we use will be in the hands of the CO, or the appointed battlefield commander. A Battlefield Commander's authority while on the battlefield is not subject to question, regardless of rank.

II) Skirmish: Skirmish's are defined as a planned engagement between 2 or more teams typically consisting of 1 to 3 rounds and is not an official battle.

III) Tours of duty and Sorties: A Tour of duty is defined as participating in an official Battle. A Sortie is defined as participating in any round of an official battle or Skirmish.

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