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=[Awards ]=

NOTE: Most Awards can be given more than once to a pilot, but is shown only once on the Herc Skin.

Dragon of Ares: For outstanding piloting and fighting skills that bring to mind the God of War.

Star of Honour: For honourable behaviour that commands respect.

Crimson Rose: For heroism in combat, saving fellow RA in trouble or sacrificing self to do so.

Medal of Dedication: For outstanding non-combat contributions to the RA. The red raindrops symbolize blood and sweat, as well as the rain on Mars that our forefathers had worked so hard to give us.

Killed Katana Medal: For killing the ex-leader of the NTDF. hehe Every self-respecting RA should aim for this one! :) ... but don't endanger the mission just for this-there will be plenty of opportunities. Awarded only once, 'cuz it's just too damn easy to get.

Got Some Medal: For killing the leader of HMK. Don't try this unless you're really good. Also awarded only once.

Achievement: Awarded to members that have given greater than two consecutive years of honorable and dedicated service to the organization. This award is only issued once.

EMCM: Awarded to honorable, dedicated past or present members elected to serve on the Mole Command Council. This award is only issued once..

=[Titles ]=

Ace: The intent of this title is to recognize pilots who don't qualify for the Dragon of Ares, but who are still good fighters. Therefore, newbie victims don't count!! To become an ace, you must have 7 kills in a row without dying, on 2 separate occasions. Each time, there must be at least 4 non-newbie opponents. If it was a team game, the numbers must be fair. There is a different version of the award for each release of the game.

Champion: The best of the best of the RA, to defend RA's honour in disputes. This title probably won't be used much. As rebels, we'd rather blow them away from behind, than to do stupid duels with the artificial rules about fairness that those sissy knights seem to like. Still, everybody is interested in know who the top dog is. There may be more than one Champion.

Grimer: Also called Chiefs by those outside the RA, Grimers deal with the tech and repair within the Crew so much that they're usually covered in grime. Usually not an official title, anyone can call himself a Grimer as long as he can back up his talk with the walk. If you have any questions about your rig (your computer), talk to a Grimer... but don't shake his hand.

MVP: For those who have displayed excellence in the FootBall servers. While this is not an official title, it is given to recognize those with outstanding contributions to thier team.

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