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 Site news: Master Server restarted (6678 reads)
Squad News Staff writes "Good news people, after speaking with VU Games we have been informed that the last master server for Starsiege was reset VU sends their deepest regrets for the down time incurred by the community."
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Posted by Butterbean on Sunday, August 13 @ 10:15:57 EDT

 Site news: SunandShadows throws in towl (1581 reads)
Squad News Staff writes "As most of you know the once famous is no longer supporting the Starsiege community who or what will step in to continue to hold our community together."
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Posted by Butterbean on Sunday, August 13 @ 10:14:45 EDT

 Site news: Please run Windows Update (1683 reads)
Squad News I'd like to request that all members running windows please run Windows Update as soon as possible.

Most versions of Windows are vulnerable to a remote code execution attack using a specially crafted TCP/IP packet. Currently Denial of Service has been seen, but it could potentially lead to full compromisation of some versions of Windows. Windows Update has patches for the versions of XP, 2000 and 2003 that are vulnerable, unfortunately there is no patch yet for Windows 98.

Note that most firewalls will likely catch the malformed packet, but better to patch anyways.

More details:

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Posted by kowh on Tuesday, April 12 @ 23:00:28 EDT

 Site news: SS2845 update, throw out the TV: (1460 reads)
Squad News Clancore Design LLC announced big news today. According to Trajan, the Starsiege 2845 team has come to a turning point in their development of the new MOD for Tribes Vengeance. "In several key areas, Tribes:Vengeance has turned out to be unsuitable for the unique needs that our envisioned gametype requires. That's not to say T:V is a bad game in and of itself, just that the final product is structured in such a way as to make it unusable for our particular requirements. Believe me when I say we've tried approaching the situation from every angle, and it's just not tenable." As a result, and through discussions with VU the Clan Core Design teams will be switching their development over to the Torque Shader Engine developed by Garage Games. I for one am very excited about this turn of events as now it looks like 2845 will not just be a MOD but a full fledged game. All this and a lot more are available for your reading pleasure at
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Posted by butterbean on Wednesday, February 16 @ 19:10:10 EST

 Site news: SS:2845 to be featured in PC Gamer UK (1279 reads)
Squad News

More News from Trajan
PC Gamer UK will be running a story on this MOD in their gala Christmas edition, in a special holiday section called "Extra Life". We've sent them quite a few pics that we've not shown before, and released some exclusive info about the game as well. Those of you that live across the pond, be on the lookout. It goes on sale November 25th. Speaking for the staff, we're obviously thrilled at the exposure, but there's even more.

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Posted by butterbean on Thursday, October 21 @ 08:38:02 EDT

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